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Golden Age Luxury Reusable Press-On Nails + 10 Adhesive Stripes

Golden Age features a velvet red gel finish on a round cut with two sparkling full cover crystal nails and multiple polka dot accent nails for you to mix and match. We're loving this set for a sparking holiday season!
Instant perfect manicure in 4 steps: Step 1. Select the best fitting Snocca Nails; Step 2. Use the enclosed prep sponge to remove excess oils from your nails for better adhesion; Step 3. Select the best fitting glueless adhesive and apply it to your nails; Step 4. Align Snocca Nails at the cuticle and squeeze firmly for 20 seconds.
This set includes 42 Nails in 20 Sizes, Non-Damaging Adhesive Strip, Prep Sponge, Manicure Stick, File